The Farewell Tawaf (Tawaf Al-Wada')

So when he has finished all that he has to do and has decided to travel then he has to make a farewell Tawaf of the house, as Ibn �Abbas narrated: �The people used to head off in every direction and so the Prophet said: �None of you should depart until he makes as his last act Tawaf of the House.� [112]

And the menstruating woman was at first ordered to wait until she became clean of it in order to make Tawaf ul Wada' [113] then it was permitted for her to leave without waiting according to the hadith of Ibn �Abbas: �That the Prophet gave concession for the menstruating women that she should depart before (Farewell) Tawaf as long as she had made Tawaf of Ifadah.� [114]

And he may carry away with him whatever he can of Zamzam water because of the blessing therein, as: �The prophet of Allah used to carry it with him in water skins and containers - and he used to pour (it) upon the sick and give it to them to drink.� [115] Further: �Before Mecca was conquered he used to send the message to Suhail ibn �Amr: that he should bring Zamzam water for us and not leave it - so he would send to him two large bag fulls.� [116]

So when he finishes the Tawaf he leaves the mosque like the rest of the people - not walking backwards - and he leaves putting out his left foot first [117], saying: Allahuma salli �alla muhammadin wa sallim - allahumma inni �as'aluka min fadhlika (O Allah send blessings and peace upon Muhammad. O Allah I ask You for Your bounty.)

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