Fajr Prayer in Muzdalifah

And all of the pilgrims pray Fajr prayer in Muzdalifah (a place between �Arafah and Mina) except the weak and the women - it being permissible for them to leave after half of the night has passed for fear of the crush of people.

Then he comes to the Mash'ar al-Haram (a small mountain in Muzdalifah) and climbs upon it and faces the Qiblah - then recites tawhid, takbir, tahlil - and declares Allah's Unity and makes du'a until the sky becomes very bright.

And all Muzdalifah is a place of standing - so wherever he stands then it is permissible.

Then he leaves for Mina before the sun rises, calmly while reciting talbiyah.

So when he comes to the river valley of Mu-Hassir he hurries if possible - and it is a part of Mina.

Then he takes the middle road which takes him to the Jamrat ul Aqabah.

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