Ihlal (Calling Aloud with Talbiyah) for Hajj on Yawm At-Tarwiyah

So when it is Yawm at-Tarwiyah and that is the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah - he puts on ihram and calls out with the talbiyah of Hajj, and does as he did when assuming ihram for �Umrah which he did from the miqat - as regards bathing and putting on perfume, and wearing the rida' and izar (upper and lower garments) and reciting talbiyah - which he does not cease to do until he has stoned Jamrat ul-Aqabah (on 10th Dhul-Hijjah).

And he assumes ihram form the place he is resident in - the people resident in Mecca doing so from Mecca.

Then he goes off to Mina and prays there the Dhuhr prayer and remains there, spending the night there and praying the rest of the five daily prayers - shortening them (to two rak'ahs) but without combining them.

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