Iltizam Between the Corner and the Door

And he may cling to the place between the corner and the Door - placing his chest and face and forearms upon this place. [45]

And there is no particular dhikr for tawaf - so he may read Quran or say any dhikr he pleases, according to the Prophet's saying : Tawaf around the House is prayer, except that Allah has allowed speech in it, so he who speaks then let him not say except, good things and in a narration : so let him limit his talk in it.� [46]

And it is forbidden for a naked person or a menstruating woman to make tawaf of the House, as he said: A naked person may not make tawaf of the House.� [47] And his saying to �Aa'ishah when she came to make �Umrah in the final Hajj : Do as anyone making Hajj does, except do not make tawaf of the House (and do not pray) until you become clean. [48]

So when he finished the seventh round he covers his right shoulder and moves to the Place of Ibrahim and recites: Wattakhidhu min-maqami ibrahima musalla.

And take ye the Station of Abraham as a place of prayer.

[Noble Quran 2:125]

And he places the Maqami Ibrahim (Place of Abraham) between himself and the Ka'bah and then prays two rak'ahs.

And he recites therein Surat-ul-Kafirun and Surat-Qul Huwallahu Ahad.

And he should not walk between the hands of any praying person there, nor allow anyone to walk in front of him while he is praying - as the ahadith forbidding that are general - and there is no established exception for the Haram Masjid, let alone the rest of Mecca. [49]

Then after praying he goes to Zamzam and drinks thereof, and pours some of the water onto his head, as he said: �Zamzam water is for what it drunk for� [50] and he said �It is blessed and it is a food and a cure for illness� [51] and he said: The best water upon the face of the earth is Zamzam water, in it is nourishment and a cure from illness. [52]

Then he returned to the Black Stone, says takbir and touches it - as before.

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